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The Refugees


A Hard Day’s Night (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)

A Man That’s Truly Loved (D.Marx)

Bin Babies (D. Marx)

Boy Around The Corner (D. Marx)

Breed (K.Cobain)

Canned Goods (D. Marx)

Celebrate The Cause (D. Marx)

Charming (D.Marx)

Cherries (D. Marx)

Cold Blood (D. Marx)

Dance With Me (D. Marx)

Day By Day (D. Marx)

Don’t Cry While I’m Gone (D.Marx)

Dublin (D. Marx)

Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)?

February (D.Marx)

Fellatio NRA (D. Marx)

Forever (D. Marx)

Gas Chamber (D. Marx)

Guillotine Gene (D. Marx)

He Wonders Whether To Praise Or Blame Her (D. Marx)

Hippy Hippy Shake (C. Romero)

Hot Love (M. Bolan)

I Saw Her Standing There (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)

In My Time Of Dying (D.Marx)

In Order To Hold Hands (D.Marx)

It’s All For You (D.Marx)

Je T’Aime Baby (D. Marx)

Last Tuesday (D. Marx)

Let Me Roll It (P. McCartney)

Love In The Asylum (D. Marx)

Love Is A Juggler (D. Marx)

Love Without Tears (D. Marx)

Lovers (D.Marx)

Lucille (L. Richard)

Maggie May (R. Stewart/P. Quittenton)

Married On A Monday (D. Marx)

May Your Joy Reign Supreme Upon My Sorrow (D.Marx)

Mirror Mirror (D. Marx)

Nicotine Nixon (D. Marx)

No Redemption (D. Marx)

Please Please Me (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)

Polly Garter (D. Marx)

Revolution (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)

Rock and Roll Music (C. Berry)

Screaming To Be Heard (D.Marx)

Secondhand Kisses (D. Marx)

She’s Just Not That Kind Of Girl (D.Marx)

Shirley McCilroy (D. Marx)

Silky Sullivan (D. Marx)

Steppin’ Up, Steppin’ Out (D. Marx)

Tel Aviv A Go-Go (D. Marx)

The Breath Of Objection (D.Marx)

The Madness Of Love (D. Marx)

The Misunderstanding Blues (D.Marx)

The Truth Means Nothing (D.Marx)

Times Square (D. Marx)

Tiny Puddles (D. Marx)

Tomahawk Junky (D. Marx)

Two Shades Of The Soul (D. Marx)

Unfortunate (D.Marx)

Valerie (D. Marx)

What’s So Funny (‘Bout Peace Love & Understanding)? (N. Lowe)

White Trees (D. Marx)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (G. Goffin/C. King)

Without A Counterpart (D. Marx)

Yellow Highrise (D.Marx)

You Really Got A Hold On Me (W. ‘Smokey’ Robinson)

You’re The One I Love (D. Marx)

Your Love Is Killing Me (D. Marx)