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David Marx


The Coincidence

Nick Boston – Drums

Wendy Cook – Bass

Stevie Leigh – Guitar

David Marx – Vocals/Guitar Pete Rowlinson – Piano

David Marx, hamming it up beneath the wood panelled beams and potted plants, is not what you'd call an introvert.  He has bags of talent, he'll tell you so, but is only too keen to back it up.  David - currently wowing audiences in London and Swindon with his devilishly talented band The Coincidence - has over the years produced a rich and varied batch of songs, which are performed onstage with considerable relish, and more than a smattering of flash Harry showmanship.

He posseses that simple but essential commodity very few groups you'll see in this area are able to match - the ability to generate excitement.

His music is steeped in the traditional values of rock; strong, occasionally naggingly infectious compositions which owe no allegiance to any passing trend or fad, and which are belted out with much verve.  It's an eclectic brew, recalling Costello, T.Rex and The Small Faces to mention but a few...

The Evening Advertiser, Swindon, UK


A Circus Of Hearts (D. Marx)

Cold Blood (D. Marx)

Don’t Cry While I’m Gone (D. Marx)

Dublin (D. Marx)

Face The Music (D. Marx)

February (D. Marx)

Flower Girl (D. Marx)

Fly On The Wall (D. Marx)

From Ulster With Love (D. Marx)

Get It On (M. Bolan)

Hound Dog

I Still Believe You (D. Marx)

In Order To Hold Hands (D. Marx)

It Never Occurred To Me (D. Marx)

It’s All For You (D. Marx)

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (B. Dylan)

Neapolitan Shuffle (D. Marx)

Obsession (D. Marx)

Operation Berlin (D. Marx)

Painting The Town Red (D. Marx)

Pink Cadillac (B. Springsteen)

Red Shoes (D. Marx)

Revelation (D. Marx)

Rudolf Valentino (D. Marx)

Shadow Of Love (D. Marx)

She Lives In Moscow (D. Marx)

Such Is Comedy (D. Marx)

The Audition (D. Marx)

The Breath Of Objection (D. Marx)

The Infidelity Syndrome (D. Marx)

The Kiss (D. Marx)

The Optimist (D. Marx)

The Poet Meets The Thief (D. Marx)

The Violent Playground (D. Marx)

Tony (D. Marx)

Tyranny In Motion (D. Marx)

We’re Only Lonely On Saturday Nights (D. Marx)

Which Side Are You On? (D. Marx)

You’ve Made Your Bed (D. Marx)